Western ND Reefs
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I've been working on updating the site to better show the pictures,so the coloring has changed. LMK if you have any requests to the site.-Dwolson2


 About WNDReefs

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Western North Dakota Reefs was founded in 2012 by local aquarium enthusiasts moving to the Western North Dakota area. WNDReefs is a place for salt water aquarium hobbyists, with interests in full blown reef systems or simple fish only displays, can get together.

When it comes to sharing knowledge, our folks like to get involved. We have members who have been in the hobby for years, so there is always a friendly place to get the advice or opinion you are looking for.

If you live in the Western North Dakota area, and are looking for a great club/forum to join, you've found the
place. Come join WNDReefs now and help us grow. You can get involved right now by logging
on to http://www.WNDReefs.org .

You don't have to be a member to view the site, so drop by and check us out!
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About WNDReefs
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